About us

Zanimoe is a modern and responsive repository to watch and download high-quality Anime Opening and Ending Themes.


Zanimoe was created a few years ago by a group of weebs that were bored and wanted to expand the franchise of repositories of anime themes to other devices and platforms. We're always looking for ways to improve UwU

"Staff" weebs

  • Gil-kun - Developer (likes Star Wars and Fate Series - his name is a Carnival Phantasm reference)
  • Konapon - Encoder and translator

  • AL15 - Developer and Encoder
  • Kiyae - Encoder (Degenerate obsesed with gacha games...)

Open Source software we use

  • FFmpeg (encoding)
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • Plyr (modified ver.)
  • Dplayer